Combined Descaling Machine
1. Bending--->Brush--->Water Jet--->Drying--->Coating--->Drying
2. Features of The Machine( different from the other machines from Europe, USA, Germany, Japan…): 
    It may avoid the pollution of acid and minimize the costs(without investing pickling facilities, exhasut gas treatment, boiler and civil engineering, etc…).
     A. Maintain wire rod surface clean: Automatic or manualy control for brushing system, which is suitable for cleaning the wire surface without damage wire.Reminder function-to notify the user to replace to replace the old brushes with the new ones.
     B. Water Cleaning System: Using the High Pressure Type OF Spraying Water to wash off the rust left on surface of the wire rod. Separate water
          & scales for recycling & cost saving by Magnetic Filter.
     C. Lubricant Coating System: Max Electric heating temperature by 120∘C. The lubricant will be not settling and will distribute evently due to flow blending design.prevent pump  from  ot of order caused by circulation tube stuck with lubricant's crystals.
     D. Drying-Direct drying by High pressure Blower, Max drying Temperature by 150∘C.
3. Inlet Diameter: Hard Steel Wire Rod- Φ6.5mm - Φ5.5mm