A Type Wire Range: Ø14mm~Ø6mm

B Type Wire Range: Ø8mm~Ø5.5mm

C Type Wire Range: Ø5.5mm~Ø1.0mm

C+ Type Wire Range: Ø10mm~Ø20mm 


The Advantages for oil cooling roller cassette︰

1. Suitable materials: high, middle and low carbon steel wire, alloy steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire and aluminum wire.

2. Speed of wire drawing with roller cassette is 10%~20% faster than that of wire drawing with die. Less wire drawing Horse Power, and it could increase the speed.

3. The min. service life for roller cassette is 2000~3000 tons, and the max. service life is 9000tons, depending on the maintenance and using method by the user.

4. Using roller cassette can reduce the times of stopping production to replace die.

And there will be no die consumption.

5. No demand to use lubricant powder. (The cost is USD 4,000 to use 3000 tons of lubricant powder). A set ( 3 pcs roller cassette) is USD 1500 / 300 tons lubricant powder.

6. The output of adopting roller cassette is 30% higher than that of using the traditional die.

The profit adopting roller cassette is double than that of adopting traditional die by counting labor cost, electricity fee… and the related cost in production and management.

7. The Roller Cassette is good for new wire drawing machines. For the old wire drawing machines, it could be installed by amending a little bit.