1.Gear Box and Transmission materials : they are imported from Japan or Germany. They have a long using life.

2.Gear Box is using 2 rank or 4 rank speed changer system, wild productions range, and high capacity.

3.Cooling system : internal Drum and Die Box, both have the cooling system.

4.When Gear Box losing oil or over-heating, the machines automatic stop. Human Machine Interface warning alarm starts. ( Needs chosen this optional function)

5.Optional ( Take –Up device) Rack collecting wire, or Bucket collecting wire, Bucket collecting wire could be packaged directly, saving cost.

6.Hang Up Wire ( Pay-Off) : Choose the high safety automatic clamp. Low down the working-safety issue.

7. Human-Machine Interface Digital Control System & Industry 4.0 :

Electric control system provides a smooth acceleration from zero to the pre-selected value. Monitoring at office with MIS system by connecting the networks. It also could be monitored by the smart phone. Remote connection through modem allows On-line trouble shooting by Gwo-Lian Engineers.