1. It is suitable for all kinds of metal.

2. Cooling system : internal Drum and Die Box, both have the cooling system.

3. Drum : after multiple materials treatment and processing, the surface of Drum has the mirror treatment, and it can efficiently prevent wire surface scratch. It is durable, and a long life as well.

4. Human-Machine Interface Digital Control System & Industry 4.0 :

Electric control system provides a smooth acceleration from zero to the pre-selected value. Monitoring at office with MIS system by connecting the networks. It also could be monitored by the smart phone. Remote connection through modem allows On-line trouble shooting by Gwo-Lian Engineers.

5. Gear Box : gears are suitable for long time operating with high load. Long lifetime due to the surface of gears grinded based on grade 2 of JIS standard.

6. Gear box protection Device : Set up an oil level position device, prevent no-maintain oil seal, losing oil, so it will cause gears damaged. There will be a warning alarm from HMI, and the machine will stop running once gear box runs out of gear oil.

7. Gear box with cooling system to cool gear oil, and there is magnetic filter to make sure that lubricity of gear oil is good. Optional double rotation plates, non-stop, efficiently raise productions capacity.